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Defog solutions for sports, leisure and motorbiking: Salclear UK

Salclear antifog, defog, and antimist technology for eyewear, including scuba diving, motorbike visors, ski goggles, spectacles, sports sunglasses and paintball visors.





World leading defog technology. The UK's leading independent producer of defogging and antimist solutions for scuba mask prep and cleaning fluids, and visor treatments. We are experts in antifog technology on all transparent plastic and glass surfaces.     

Defog products for scuba masks, motorcycle helmets and visors, football and other sporting and protective visors, paintball, ski, sunglasses and goggles, windshields, windows, mirrors and more....

  • Salclear Defogs:

    Aquasport and Ultra - Scuba and watersports

    DMist+ and DMist - defogs for Scuba, watersports (including surfing eyewear), general purpose inc. visors and goggles (smaller packaging options).

    Ski - ski goggles and ski sunglasses

    Sport - sports sunglasses, athletics goggles and glasses, paintball, protective sports eyewear (eg. parachuting).

    TT - defogs for motorbike visors and goggles.

    Vision - spectacles and leisure sunglasses

    Salclear (original) - windows, mirrors, optical equipment.

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Chemical Engineering for sport and leisure, Excellence through Innovation.




Salclear, efficient and effective defog products for polycarbonate visors, sports sunglasses and protective eyewear

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 Antimist Solutions and Demist for Sports, Leisure and Motorbiking: Salclear UK: Tel: 0044 1624 838507: Isle of Man UK